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Data rooms have become increasingly popular in the business world as a way to protect vital data

Because of increasing amounts of data, consistent data management is the basis for storage planning security and migrations. A digital data room application is suitable for all situations in which compassionate data must be made available to many users reliably and securely.

The purpose of a data room in the business world

Working with confidential documents is part of everyday life in many companies. Corporate data is an integral part of any organization. This information is used daily, and if it is compromised or lost, the consequences will negatively affect not only the reputation of the organization but also the current operations and the immediate prospects for development. Backing up data protects it from loss. To do this, large organizations use backup data centers. In addition, the organization must retain non-up-to-date corporate data for some time for reporting purposes or to comply with the law. Therefore, the use of data centers by companies has increased significantly with the advent of access to broadband Internet networks. For this, companies are trying to automate and standardize all information processes, which leads to a decrease in the staff of IT specialists, but increases the requirements for their qualifications. A less secure but inexpensive storage option is using virtual data room software.

Following, data rooms are revolutionizing work in financial, real estate, and ​​mergers & acquisitions. The software offers a cloud-based repository for confidential business documents and a well-structured online environment for productive collaboration with partners and contractors.

Data room functions to protect vital data

Data room allows businesses to work efficiently and avoid many security risks. It is a significant competitive advantage in a dynamically developing IT market. The presented software contains an essential set of necessary functions and objects for fast and high-quality performance of tasks and well-organized business collaboration. Managing high-level data management is no longer difficult.

So, the data room platform is the most popular solution for protecting vital business data thanks to the following functions:

  • Data search. Documents can be found using an integrated full-text and property search. The search results sorted according to relevance can be further processed directly. Since the data rooms are always encrypted, and the full-text index is always encrypted, you are protected from access outside the data room.
  • Automatic indexing. With automatic indexing, all documents and folders in a data room automatically assign or remove hierarchical index numbers. The index numbers adapt automatically. Index numbers can also be searched using the full-text search – all objects with this index number are displayed in a result list.
  • Archive export function. The archiving of a complete data room with all documents, tasks, milestones, and history is possible. This exported archive can later be easily opened with the browser.
  • Retention periods. To ensure that folders, documents and document collections do not remain in a data room longer than necessary, data room managers can set a retention period for these objects.
  • Central administration. The data room center enables the central administration of data rooms, users, templates (data room templates), logos and style sheets. Data room center administrators can provide as many data rooms as needed for different departments or projects.

Data backup. A backup copy of each data room is created once a week. These weekly backup copies are kept online for 21 days. In addition, each individual data room can be completely backed up daily.